runescape gold(also referred to as gold pieces, gp, gold, or just money) are the most commonly used method of payment in Old School RuneScape. Coins are means to gauge the value of virtually every item that is tradeable in the game and also the services available.

 If the total number of coins exceeds 99,999, then the text of the examine reads "___ x coins" in which the blank represents the exact value. If the number of coins is lower, the text reads "rs3 gold sell!" If it is examined in the inventory. If a coin stack in the ground are examined, the examine will always be able to determine the exact value.


 Players often use the term 1 000 (1,000) coins as 1k, and 1 million (1,000,000) coins as 1m or 1mil. Both are applicable to larger amounts, for instance, 10m is a reference to 10 million coins (10,000,000). The more frequently used term 1b, or 1bil, refers to one billion coins (1,000,000,000).


 Alchemy spells that make coins cannot be cast onto coins. If a player attempts it an alert message will notify the player that "Coins are already made of gold." You are able to turn other items made of gold like gold ore and gold bars into coins.


 1. Tanning dragon hides

 There are three ways to accomplish this, and we'll go over all of these methods. Methods require a distinct set of skills and needs. The higher the level that you are at, the more lucrative the method.



 First, you must select the type of dragon hides you want to tan. It is possible to do this by purchasing one of the four dragon hides, red, black, green and blue, as well as each of the dragon leathers. Determine the price difference between the hides and leathers. The one that that has the highest price difference is the one you should employ.



 You must first complete the Falador Hard Diary. Visit the guild for crafting in the south of Falador. Bring your dragon's skin along with some money. You will need six hundred dragon skins as well as 150k coins to do this for an hour. Your bank will be filled with banks fillers.


 After you've made your preparations you are ready, go to the Crafting Guild and exchange with the Tanner. Tanners are the ones who tan hides. The profit will differ based on the time of day it is, but I earned 1300k in just one hour when I used this method.



 The second method involves using magic, and it could earn you anything from 100k to 120k xp of magic and around 500k to 600k gp/hour. The method will require you to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest as well as the Fremennik diary, which is up to difficult one. Tan leather will require the user to have Magic level 78. If you meet these requirements, just stand in the bank and then click the Tan leather spell. This spell tans five dragon hides every time it is utilized. You can dye 7500 dragon hides in one hour.



 This method is not subject to any requirements. Equipment that reduces weight would be helpful. To speed up the process, you can use stamina or energy potions. For this, simply visit Al Kharid bank, take out the hides and run north, trade Ellis and he will tan our hides for a small fee. Repeat the process of storing skins tanned at Al Kharid Bank. It is possible to earn 500k GBP per hour with this method, contingent on the price of hides.



 Training range that earns profit of 900k Gp/hour



 High Defence Level (80+).


 Dwarf cannon quest


 Contact! Quest


 A small cannon set, a few prayers potion, cannon ball, some light source(preferably a lantern) along with some food and an attack equipment with a high range. Take more defensive equipment if your defense is low.




 Pharoah's scepter, or Nardah Teleport to reach the location faster.


 This method can be combined using a blowpipe for more range of xp/hour.


 High alchemy runes if you find yourself wanting to alchemize common drops that you normally wouldn't pick up.


 Herb bag.


 Go to Sophanem. Once you're there, go east until you reach the Contact quest dungeon. In the dungeon you'll discover a ladder as well as the bank. Take it down and then run west. Before climbing down the range take the next ladder. You have now reached the spot. Take a short run to the south until you find the best location to put up your cannon. Once you've set the cannon up, you should stand behind a level 98 Locust rider who uses range. This will block the level 106 Lotus riders who use melee from attacking you. Also, there will scarab mages trying to attack you. You must kill them first. Don't leave the area if you don't want to suffer more damage. These monsters drop unnoted food and if you're low on food you can simply pick it up.


 The drops that you'll want to get include:


 Blood runes




 Raw bass


 Raw lobster


 Rune mace


 Rune sq shields


 Rune Daggers




 Battle staves


 Uncut sapphires


 Mithril bars


 Adamant/Rune arrows


 Grimy Ranarr Weed


 Adamant ore


 You can alch Adamant kiteshields at the point of purchase if have high alchemy runes and Magic level 55. You can also alch sq shields, maces and rune daggers.


 If you own a herbal pouch, I suggest grimy ranarr, grimy avantoe grimy kwuarm grimy lantadyme, as well as grimy dwarf plants.


 I've tried this strategy myself and managed to get a little over the 900k mark in a single hour of profit! I made use of a blowpipe as well as adamant darts to get about 100k profit in just one hour!


 This is a great opportunity to earn money since you could earn lots and also accumulate a substantial amount of ranged expertise.


 3. No skills are required to earn 2200k on Oldschool RuneScape


 It's one of my favorite ways to begin earning money. You'll need just a few thousand and you will be able to make plenty of money in just a short period of time. You only need to go to one of the numerous magical shops scattered across Gielinor to purchase death runes. After you've purchased all of the death runes you can jump into another dimension and do it all over again. Other runes, like nature runes, chaos runes and cosmic ones can also yield profit However, before you use this method, always verify prices for the items you'll purchase on the Grand exchange and figure out what's worth buying.


 Although this approach doesn't need to have any requirements there are a few magic shop locations where you must have certain skill levels or completion of certain minigames, quests or missions.


 All locations of magical stores are listed below:


 Ali Morrisane owns the first shop in Al Kharid.


 The shop is known as Ali's Discount Wares. To access this store, you'll need to play the Rogue Trader minigame which can be completed after completing The Feud quest. You can only earn money by purchasing Death runes since they are costly.


 Betty's Magic Shoppe is located in Port Sarim.


 This is a great place to buy runes and this shop also has access to F2p. This store also sells wizard caps.


 Aubury's Rune Shop located in Varrock.


 This shop is available to F2p players. If you're a player at a lower stage player, you should be aware! Varrock is a dangerous place. Varrock is the habitat of a Mugger.


 Magic Guild store Located in Yanille in the Wizards'guild.


 For entry, you'll need the level 66 Magic But, you can be in with the lower level by making use of the Wizards mind bomb (boosts 3 levels), Magic essence potion (boosts 3 Magic levels) mature Wizards mind bomb (3-4 levels) or Magic potion (4 levels boost).


 This shop sells all kinds of runes, and will bring you the most profit.


 Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop is located on Lunar Isle.


 In order to access this shop you need to finish the Lunar Diplomacy Quest. The shop is unique since it is situated in an old house that moves with chicken legs. It is possible to purchase Astral, Nature and Death runes in this shop to get the most profit.


 Lundail Rune Shop, located in the Arena side within the Mage Arena Bank Dungeon, hidden in the wilderness.


 Another great spot to purchase runes. However, it is possible to be dangerous, so don't carry valuable things with you while you are there. The Mage arena bank is safe, so don't worry there is no danger to you.


 Mage of Zamorak's shop is located to the north of Edgvile in the wilderness level 5.


 This store usually has many runes in the shop, but it's located in the wilderness, which means it's a bit risky. There are also skeletons walking around, stopping people from entering the shop.


 First, you need to complete the Mage of Zamorak Mini-Quest to use this store.


 The Void Knight Magic shop is located in the outpost of Void Knight.


 You can utilize an teleport for minigames for access to the store. The store is run by an Squire situated in a small building next to the bank.


 Thyria's Wares shop is located inside the Arceuus house, Great Kourend.


 You will need 20 percent Arceuus favor to shop at this shop.


 Runes can be purchased in these stores. They are also very popular places to bot, so the more requirements you have higher, the better chance of getting more runes. I used to run bots in all of these locations and made some money. You can also sell your runes to TzHaarMej-Roh which is a rune shop in TzHaar City, if you own more than you require. The store will give you Tokkul in return for the runes. You'll require Karamja gloves 1 or higher to receive a discount on an uncut or cut onyx, which can be purchased in the nearby gem shop. You can then sell the onyx on the grand exchange to make a simple cash. Find out the price of the runes you'd like to sell to the store. It's not always profitable.


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